Underground Bunkers

People all over the US are starting and have been building underground shelters.  From coast to coast there are bunkers being built by individuals, as well as by the government.  Thousands upon thousands of people are preparing for uncertain times that seem to be approaching very fast.  Underground bunker construction companies are receiving requests for bunkers faster than they can build them.  Don't be caught unprepared...If you are here reading this take the time to look at what we have to offer and reserve your place for your own bunker.  Many people have put a group together to fund a bunker.  Every job that we do is private and confidential.  Take a look at how we can help you prepare...Just in case the unthinkable happens.

Southeast Underground Shelters is a complete underground shelter/bunker construction company.  Building a bunker, fallout bunker, or underground shelter  can be a daunting task.  Here at SEUS we are here to make that task easier, by providing you guidance, advise, and unsurpassed service to complete your project.  From design and conception, through the entire build, we will be here for you and with you.

WHY CHOOSE US?...Because we are a family oriented company, with integrity.  We care about families and their well being, we care about protecting our neighbors.  Plus, we are GREAT at what we do.  We will not take advantage of you!  We understand why you are looking at building a bunker...we did the same thing.  We want to help others construct a safe haven for their families, and their assets.

bunkers come in 4 standard sizes.  We can also custom design and build a bunker from scratch with our client's.  All of our bunkers are constructed with superior material.  We use high strength poured concrete reinforced with steel.  We have a minimum of 4ft. of cover for all of our bunkers.  All of our components for our bunkers are of the highest quality, from our blast doors to our NBC filtration systems.  Our bunkers can be used for any reason, it is completely up to our client's.  For this reason we have several different options and upgrades that are available to choose from. 

The following is included with our standard bunkers:

  1. Steel trusses with brackets and fasteners

  2. Rebar for floor, walls, and ceiling

  3. Riser hatch - options for the hatch are available for additional cost

  4. Blast protected NBC air filtration system

  5. 48" steel intake and outflow ventilation pipes

  6. Electrical, water, and septic ceiling penetrations

Standard Size Bunkers

         -- 8'8" x 20' inside dimensions

         -- 10' x 20' inside dimensions

         -- 12' x 20' inside dimensions

         -- 14' x 20' inside dimensions

         ** Options are available for an additional charge.

Custom Size Bunkers

         -- We are able to build any size custom bunker.  Whatever our client's want we will build.  We will conduct a private   
            and confidential meeting with the client and our engineering staff to start the planning and design phase of the

All of our bunkers, standard or custom built, will be constructed with 24" footers, 8" concrete slab, 8" concrete walls, and an 8" concrete ceiling.  All concrete will be reinforced with rebar and the ceiling will be framed with steel I beams.  After the bunker is built and before covering we will apply a liquid rubber, a 6 mil plastic cover, 2" foam board, and then another 6 mil plastic cover.  With all this in mind we provide many different options that you can add to your bunker...too many to list.  However, keep in mind that almost everything you can put in a regular house, we can put in a bunker, plus a whole lot more you may never have thought of.

Our main goal here at SEUS is to provide our client's with a bunker that functions the way they envisioned.  Your project will be confidential and only key personnel will be privy to the details. 
Please contact us under the contact tab for any questions that you may have and wish to discuss.  Remember this can be a daunting task, we need to sit down with you and discuss all of your options.  We are here for you, and will be glad to help in any way that we can.

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